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Day2 - Obviously I won't keep this up

Posted on: September 16, 2008 3:45 pm

Two blogs in two days.  How's a man supposed to work with all this blogging to do?

Curse of the Babe lives on.  No longer in Boston, it will shake the Yankee Empire down to it's knees.  Really, what's the deal?  Money, money, money.  The new stadium will become the mark of the new Yanks - overspending as always (Pavano anyone?), yet producing to a tune of 4th place stature.  Many thru the ages have succumb to the almighty dollar, oh but the Babe will stand taller than all.

I'd been saying for years, "Yanks prospects over-rated."  They all knew it too, but I believe Cashman started to believe the lies he told.  Melky, yeah he melts on the field not in the dug-out.  I don't even know the other two's names; I think they got hurt, at least their egos, by carrying zeros in the win columns.  Yes, Joba has the heat.  He'll be a good setup man, and maybe he can fill in for Rivera once he's gone.  Talk about tough shoes to fill.  He should face a lot less pressure, b/c I seriously doubt we'll see the pinstripers playing meaningful games in September any time soon.  It's not hard to close for a .500 ball club.  Ask Gagne, he did pretty well in Texas.  How'd he work out in Boston?

The days of high price FA's on juice are done.  Yanks are way in over their head.  Got $88M coming off the books this year.  What is that 3 players?  what about the other 25 players on the roster over the age of 30.  The whole roster needs a complete make over.  They've got Girardi, might as well go all Marlins on them.  A-Rod in a pennant race = John Rocker on the Subway.  A Train wreck you can't help but stare at. 

Here's to a century's drought from my Cubs to your Yanks.  May you carry the torch proudly.

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